Established by two entrepreneurs Emrah Ünal and Kuntercan Gökçek, who set out with a common perspective on Design and Designers, Design Market offers the products of local and foreign designers who are foreign to creativity and effort, and who want to focus more on the art of the designer. The creation processes, far from mass production, brought design enthusiasts together.
Kuntercan Gökcek has been organizing and participating in design festivals for years and has gained a collective awareness of e-commerce and digital marketing.
The design market, which is Emrah Ünal's own brand, has emerged with the combination of his experience in the production retail sector.
Emrah Ünal aims to bring design lovers together to support the creativity of designers and inspire their freedom, which is the dream of the founders of the emerging design market by combining his own brand with his experience in the production and retail sectors.
The design market, which creates a series of synergies that bring together different and original designs, continues to shed light on the free productions of domestic and foreign designers.



To be the first brand that comes to mind, which is interested in original products in Turkey and in the world, and brings together the ideas of selected designers with products.


To work and grow together in a changing world, following technology and trends closely, supporting the lives of designers, and growing together.


We value creativity and the power of art

We support designers and look for ways to inspire them. We work in collaboration with local and international designers.

We want original design products to be accessible.

We provide services by accessing our e-commerce site, which is not able to go to the stores and is interested in design products. We carry out business planning in such a way that they can reach consumers by including the products of designers around the world.

We believe in the indispensability of renewal

In the changing world, we follow the technology and trends closely, respond quickly to the demands of the customers, and constantly develop and renew together with the designers.

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