We, Design Market İc ve Dis Ticaret Limited (the “Company” or “Design Market”), use cookies on our website under the domain name (the “Website” or the “Platform”) to improve user experience and have the users and visitors to benefit from the website in the most efficient way as explained here in this Cookies Policy.

2. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files created on your device by a website which contain data in name and value format. Cookies enable the website you visit to store information on your device and use that information later on your subsequent visits. Cookies that are created by a website are stored via the internet browser you use when accessing that website. The information contained in those cookies are only and remotely accessible by the website that created the cookies under its domain name and only if you use the same browser you used when cookies were created.

Cookies have recently become an important part of the internet technologies and their main functions are to mark the online website visitors, their preferences and their devices. Cookies are used by almost every website, today.

2. Who Transmit Cookies and How?

Cookies are transmitted during your visit/browsing by your browser (Google, Chrome, Safari etc.) on your device through the communication established between the browser and Design Market servers.

3. Types of Cookies in Terms of Their Validity Period and Their Sources

a) Session Cookies: Session cookies are temporary cookie files, which are erased when you close your browser.

b) Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are files stay until you delete them manually or your browser deletes them based on the duration period contained within the persistent cookie's file.

c) First-Party Cookies: First-party cookies are stored directly on the domain (or website) the user visits and can only be accessed by Design Market. These can be session cookies or persistent cookies.

d) Third-Party Cookies: Third-Party Cookies are stored under a different domain than (e.g. viewing a content on a video platform through the Website) which are created by each individual domain name, exclusively. These are mostly persistent cookies.

4. Types of Cookies in Terms of Intended Use:

a) Strictly Necessary Cookies: Strictly necessary cookies are essential for websites to provide simple functions or to access particular features. Personal data is not processed by when using these cookies.

b) Performance Cookies: Performance cookies monitor site performance and follow user actions but they do not collect identifiable information. These cookies help us count the number of visitors on our website and understand on which page the visitors spend their time during their visit. With these cookies we strive to make our website more efficient.

c) Functional Cookies: These cookies are used to provide advanced functionality and options to customize and mark website visitor preferences such as their selection of language or region. If you do not allow the use of these cookies, we will not be able to save your preferences on our website.

d) Targeting Cookies: Targeting cookies are first party and third party cookies that are created during your visit on our website and on other websites. These cookies follow users from one website to another and match the records between the websites. These types of cookies are used to recognize and profile the user for targeted advertising and marketing activities and thus to customize the content to be shown to the user.

5. Cookies We Use on our Website:

Cookie Name

Cookie Purpose

Cookie Time


It is the cookie that keeps the information from where the user is directed to the site.

7 Day


It is the cookie that keeps the information from which ad source the user is directed to the site.

7 Day


It is the cookie that keeps the products visited to guide the user to the purchase step.

7 Day


It is the cookie where the region selected by the user is kept to display products by region.

Browser time


It is the cookie that keeps the browsing time on the page for the user-specific campaign suggestion.

7 Day


It is the cookie that keeps the compared product ids on the sites where the product comparison feature is offered.

7 Day


It is a cookie in which the registration information of the user is kept in a hashed form.

Browser time


It is the cookie that keeps the basket ids used to combine logout and login baskets.

Browser time


If there is a country/language selection on the site, it is the cookie where the technical details of the selected record are kept.

Browser time


It is the cookie that keeps the technical data about the push notifications shown to the user. (gösterim durumu vb)

30 Day


It is the cookie that keeps the technical data about the popups shown to the user.

(display status etc.)

30 Day

6. Our Purposes for Using Cookies:

a) to provide you with improved services by increasing the functionality and performance of our website.

b) to improve the Website by developing new features that can be customized according to your preferences.

c) to ensure our and your legal and commercial security.

7. Cookies Management:

Browsers usually accept cookies automatically but it is not mandatory to accept cookies in order to use our Website. However, if you set your browser not to accept cookies, the quality of your user experience may decrease and some of our website functions may be impaired.

For all or certain websites you can configure your browser to block cookies and third-party cookies, to alert when a cookie is set or to set all cookies as session cookies. Additionally, you can remove the cookies from your browser manually and through your browser you may also access to the list of cookies and their value.

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