Please read these ‘Platform Rules’ carefully before using our website. It is assumed that our members and our customers who use our website and shop on our website have agreed and accepted the following rules:

The web pages on our website and all pages linked to it (‘Platform’) under the domain name are owned and operated by DESIGN MARKET IC VE DIS TIC. LIMITED STİ. (Design Market). All Members, Customers and Visitors using our services provided through the Platform are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these rules as stipulated herein.


Our website with the domain name is a Platform for electronic commerce where designer goods with various brands are sold especially in categories such as home accessories, men, women and kids clothing, personal care, technological and stationery products.


a. Design Market reserves the right at all times to alter product prices and make changes on the goods and services provided on the Platform.

b. Design Market accepts and undertakes that the members, customers and visitors will benefit from the services provided on the Platform at all times, except there is a technical failure.

c. Members, customers and visitors are not allowed to do reverse engineering on the website and they should not take any other action to obtain the source codes.

d. While using the Platform, members, customers and visitors are prohibited from creating or sharing any contents that are contrary to general morality and good manners, unlawful, breaching third party rights and/or personal rights and/or copyrights, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, encouraging illegal activities, on any part of the Platform including communication channels. Otherwise, Design Market shall not responsible for any damages and reserves the right to suspend or terminate the breaching accounts. In any case Design Market has the right to initiate legal proceedings against such breaching accounts.

e. The interactions by and between the users of the website rest under their own responsibility.

f. It is prohibited on the Platform to publish, upload, send via email or by other means unwanted and unauthorized advertising or promotional materials.

g. It is prohibited to access Platform data which is not normally accessible to members, customers or visitors. It is also prohibited to forge and access the website by using third party identities.

h. It is forbidden to upload files to the website that impair or limit the functionality of the website, such as viruses, computer code.


All proprietary and non-proprietary intellectual property rights such as company title, business name, trademark, patent, logo, design, information and method on this website belong to the operator and owner of the website and/or the person(s) concerned and such intellectual property rights are under the protection of national and international laws. Members, customers and visitors using this website are not entitled to any of the intellectual property rights pertaining to the website. It is prohibited to reproduce, publish, copy, present and/or transfer any of the information displayed on the Platform. It is also prohibited to use all or parts of the Platform on other websites without due consent by Design Market.


This provision shall be applicable in the broadest extent possible by the laws in force. The services offered by Design Market via Platform are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. In this regard Design Market gives no warranties implicit or explicit whatsoever regarding the sale ability, expediency or no infringement of the services provided.


The member must provide correct, complete and up-to-date information when registering on the Platform. Otherwise, all agreements are deemed to have been violated and Design Market may terminate member account without notification. The member is solely responsible for password and account security on the website and on other websites. In the event password and account is not secured by the member, any damages and data losses shall be borne by the member and Design Market shall not be held responsible for security breaches and/or hardware, device or data damages.


The members, customers and visitors of the website are solely responsible for accessing the website and the use of internet and the use of information technologies and telecommunications applications that enable such access. It is the sole responsibility of the members, customers and visitors to pay internet connection fees and to have necessary equipment for accessing the website. The members, customers and visitors must use the website on their own initiative therefore all related risks are owned by the members, customers and visitors and that Design Market cannot be held responsible for any damages as a result of using the website. In addition to that, Design Market shall not be responsible for any indirect damages and losses arising from but not limited to purchase or inability to purchase of goods listed on the Platform, to access or inability to access the Platform, profit, customer, loss of data or loss of intangible assets resulted because of the given scores based on the information obtained directly or indirectly through the Platform.


Design Market reserves the right to change and update these Platform Rules without prior notice. In order to be aware of such changes, it is recommended that members, customers and visitors read the terms of use of the website regularly. Using of this website is subject to the rules applicable at the time of the use.


Current Platform Rules are governed under the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected]



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