The principles concerning the processing of your personal data by DESIGN MARKET İÇ VE DIŞ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (the “Company” or “Design Market”) as the data controller located at Harbiye Mahallesi, Atiye Sokak, Yuva Apartmanı, No:8/A Şişli/İstanbul in accordance with Turkish Law on Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (“Law”), European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and other applicable legislation are provided in detail in this Privacy Notice. 

Your personal data is processed as explained here in this Privacy Notice if you make any purchases through the web site (“the Platform” or the “website”) , if any purchased product is addressed and delivered to you, if you register and become a member of the Platform or you visit the website, if you have agreed to receive commercial messages through commercial communication means, if you contact us through communication channels and/or you have joined any of our campaigns or our other promotion activities.

1. Purpose of Processing and the Kind of Personal Data Processed :

a) We process the following data due to purchases on the Platform by members and by non-members;

Your identity information (name and surname), your communication information (email, mobile number and delivery address) and your shopping details (date, time, quantity, content, payment method and payment details) for the purposes of completing the purchase, preparation of order, packaging, preparation of delivery note, updating of delivery information, return and exchange for after-sales and shipment of product(s) addressed to you but purchased by third parties

Your identity and billing information, information on the date, quantity and purchase content and in case required by laws your tax number or identity number for the purpose of issuing invoices

Your credit card information (credit card data is only transferred to the payment institution “iyzico” without being recorded or kept by our Company) and your IP (internet protocol) address for the purpose of securing the transaction

Your visiting/staying and usage information of the website for purposes regarding the elimination of errors and deficiencies that may occur during your visit/use/stay.

b) We process the following data when you register and become a Member of the Platform;

Your identity information (name and surname), your communication information (email, mobile number, address) and your encrypted password data for the purposes of fulfillment of membership transactions and the user agreement, confirmation of membership, logging in as member, benefitting from membership advantages and carrying out later purchases without re-registration/re-entering procedure

Your order information (purchase date, time, quantity, content and payment details) for the purposes of providing you with your shopping history as a member

c) We process the following data if you give consent to commercial communication;

Your identity information (name and surname) and your contact information (mobile number and email address) for the purposes of providing you with common or tailor-made campaigns, privileges, promotions, advertisements and notifications and for the purposes of conducting customer satisfaction surveys, notifying you of our campaigns, contests, raffles, summons, openings and other events by means of our marketing activities and commercial communication via SMS, email, phone call

d) We process the following data in case you contact us through our customer channels and our call center;

Your identity information (name and surname), your contact information (address, email, mobile number), your transaction information and if required your legal transaction information and your voice records for the purposes of replying to your questions and resolving your complaints addressed to our Company

e) We process the following data based on legal requirements;

Your identity information, contact information, purchase information, invoice information and transaction security data (log data)for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations arising from applicable laws, fulfilling our other obligations towards public authorities and your identity, contact information and the first 6 digits and last 4 digits of your credit card information, your order information and transaction security data for the purposes of preventing illegal and/or unethical use of the website, identifying any suspicious transactions or illegal usage and for blocking and unblocking purposes

2. Method of Collecting Personal Data :

Following methods are applied to your personal data which are collected by automated or non-automated means partially or in whole in accordance with the basic principles, the data processing procedures and the exceptions as stipulated in Law and in relevant legislations;

a) By electronical means on the Platform through membership pages, contracts and forms, account openings and identifications, requests and messages on communication website boards/channels

b) By means of undertakings, e-mails and declarations given by the data owner

c) By means of inter-company networks

d) As part of data recording systems in written and electronic format

e) By means of official responses and written or electronic forms delivered by judicial and administrative bodies

f) By electronic means and through information security systems

3. Legal Basis for Processing Your Personal Data:

Your personal data is processed by Design Market within the scope of performing our activities in accordance with the reasons as stipulated in Law and the reasons below in particular;

With regard to conclusion of sales contract and membership agreement “the obligation to process parties’ personal data for the establishment or performance of a contract” as stipulated in Law and “the necessity to process related subject’s personal data for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that such shall not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject” and with regard to your explicit consent, if given, for the conduct of our marketing activities

Our obligation to process and store personal data provided for in the legislation as “explicitly stipulated in the law” and as “mandatory for the data controller to fulfill its legal obligation”

With regard to mandatory, functionality and performance cookies on the website if it is “the necessity to process related subject’s personal data for the legitimate interests of the data controller provided that such shall not harm the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject” and  with regard to your explicit consent, if given, data processing through marketing/tracking cookies on the website

4. Locations and Persons to which Processed Data is Transferred :

Design Market is in cooperation with third parties, intermediary institutions, service providers and suppliers for the purposes of monitoring its business processes, operating its website, conducting electronic commerce and issuing documents regarding billing/invoicing and cargo/delivery. In accordance with the purpose of data processing as specified in this Privacy Notice, we may transfer your personal data to the below parties in order for them to fulfill their performances provided that all necessary technical and administrative measures according to Law are taken regarding the data to be transferred;

a) Our domestic employees, suppliers, business partners and service providers providing such as call center, marketing/advertising/analysis services, electronic invoice and electronic archive invoice providers, electronic message services providers, cargo, delivery and carrier companies, warehouse providers, banks and financial institutions for electronic payments, legal and accounting offices, independent auditors and archiving services providers and other technological infrastructure providers such as database and server providers, website monitoring services providers, electronic mail server providers (The servers hosting services and software programs that are provided to us by our technological infrastructure providers may be located abroad. In such a case your personal data will be transferred abroad pursuant to article 9 of the Law in accordance with the Law and the purpose. In other cases, your personal data shall not be transferred abroad without your explicit consent)

b) Authorized public institutions and organizations and judicial bodies which have a right to request and demand your personal data from our Company and we submit such data to the said institutions in order to fulfill our legal obligations towards them, as well as to prevent any suspicious or illegal activities or to take legal action or exercise any other legal remedy entitled to us

4. Application to the Data Controller and Your Rights :

You can submit requests regarding your rights per below to the address of Design Market at Harbiye Mahallesi, Atiye Sokak, Yuva Apartmanı, No:8/A Şişli/İstanbul per post or you can send an email to the address [email protected]

As per article 11 of the Law, you are entitled to;

a) learn whether your personal data are being processed,

b) if they are, request information,

c) obtain information on the purpose of processing and find out whether personal data has been used as fit for the purpose

d) obtain information about the third persons in Turkey and abroad, to whom personal data are transferred,

e) request rectification of personal data that may have been incompletely or inaccurately processed,

f) request the deletion or destruction of personal data as per the  Article 7 of the Law

g) request notification of the operations made as per indents (e) and (f) to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred,

h)  object to occurrence of any detrimental result by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems and

i) request compensation for the damages due to unlawful processing of personal data.

Our Company fulfills your requests as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest and once for free of charge. However, the data subject may be charged for the following requests or for the initial request if the action taken on the request requires additional cost. Our Company can accept and process the request or reject the request in writing by explaining its reason.

You are entitled to file a complaint to the Turkish Board of Personal Data Protection (“Board”) within thirty days as of the notification of the reply and in all cases, within sixty days if the application is rejected after carrying out the procedure mentioned above, the reply is deemed to be insufficient or the requests are not responded in a timely manner. However, the complaint cannot be filed without exhausting this application process.

The Board may conduct the necessary inspections within its field of duty upon receiving a complaint or ex officio upon detecting a breach. The complaint shall be examined by the Board and answers shall be provided to those concerned. If no replies are given within sixty days as of the date of the complaint, the request shall be deemed to be rejected. If, as a result of inspections upon receiving a complaint or ex officio investigation, a breach is detected, the Board shall rule the identified contraventions of law be eliminated by the data controller and shall notify those concerned accordingly. This decision shall be fulfilled without delay but no later than within thirty days as of the notification of the decision. The Board is authorized to halt data processing or international transfer of data if damages that are hard or impossible to compensate occur and if there is an explicit infringement of the law.

We would like to emphasize that your data is meticulously protected by our Company and thank you for the trust that you place in us.



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