Paris Siyah
Paris Black
Paris Siyah
Paris Siyah
Paris Siyah
Paris Siyah

Designed with inspiration from Paris, the capital of the fashion world, these glasses bring the elegance and elegance of Paris to your style. Paris is the perfect option for those looking for a bold statement. These glasses will remind you at every moment of the wonderful atmosphere you felt while wandering the historical streets of Paris.


Paris Inspiration: These glasses are inspired by the romantic streets and art-filled atmosphere of Paris, the capital of the fashion world. You will feel the magic of Paris at every moment.

Thick Frame: Thick frames make the look of glasses instantly eye-catching. It is ideal for those who are not afraid to take bold steps in terms of fashion.

Various Color Options: Whichever color you choose, DM Eyewear will perfectly match your personal style.

Glasses: Lenses soften the sun's glare while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. It provides elegance to both your style and your appearance.

Supereminence: Made with quality materials, these glasses are durable for long-term use and accompany you in all seasons.

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