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Rio Kahverengi
Rio Kahverengi
Rio Kahverengi

Our Rio model is filled with the energy and joy of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Vibrant and bold colors are reminiscent of the costumes of samba dancers and the decorations that line the city's streets, while Rio is like an invitation to a party. Creative frame designs will bring color and music to your every moment. You can carry the spirit of Rio Carnival every day and express your style in any environment.


Rio Inspiration: Rio de Janeiro's spectacular Carnival is known as one of the biggest street parties in the world. Our glasses model, inspired by this unique experience, brings the rhythm, colors and enthusiasm of the carnival to life in your eyes.

Thick Frame: The thick frame of the glasses makes a bold style statement and also increases durability. It offers a modern and attractive appearance.

Various Color Options: Whichever color you choose, DM Eyewear will perfectly match your personal style.

Glasses: Lenses soften the sun's glare while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. It provides elegance to both your style and your appearance.

Supereminence: Made with quality materials, these glasses are durable for long-term use and accompany you in all seasons.

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